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About Us

Talent solutions for sub-Saharan Africa.

We partner with businesses that are looking to break into new markets or grow their existing footprint across the continent, working hand-in-glove to research, identify and connect with the best talent available in the market. 

The number of customers we’ve helped to achieve better results online.
We’ve been in the game for over 15 years and we’re just getting started.
The estimated value we’ve added to our customers' businesses.

Our system for success.

Accuracy and speed
CF Consulting acts as an extension to your Human Resources function, and we understand the importance of accuracy and speed.
Rigorous screening
Adopting a rigorous screening process enables us to accelerate reviewing and shortlisting of candidates’ profiles, responding to candidates and ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are reviewed and presented.
Advances in technology
With advances in technology and talent being spread across various platforms, we leverage our expertise, vast network and experience to source and connect with those elusive candidates for highly specialised roles across the continent. 

Partner with sourcing specialists

Entering a new market can be an intimidating experience. 

The value of partnering with the right sourcing specialists can never be left to chance. Specialists who get that! That’s us.

Ready to recruit?

Let us help you secure some extraordinary talent.