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We are the sourcing professionals.

CF Consulting is a team of sourcing professionals invested in the development and management of talent solutions.
Our commitment

Your partners in recruitment and HR.

Our company operates on the back of over 20 years’ combined experience within recruitment and HR advisory, giving each client the assurance of a high level of professionalism, consistency and integrity, always.
Our services

We’re not just about ticking boxes.

We want every experience with us to be a memorable one.

  • We believe in value-adding conversations with both our clients and candidates.
  • We aim to understand each individual client’s needs and align them to those of the candidate. 

Smart technology.

We use technology to tailor world-class sourcing solutions.

Technology plays a major role in how companies attract talent in specialised markets. And at CF Consulting we make it our mission to keep up with the latest trends and tailoring a world class solution to meet each of our client’s needs, across varied markets. By combining technology and sourcing expertise, we respond quickly to a fast-changing world, while reducing the risks associated with talent sourcing.

Ready to recruit?

Let us help you secure some extraordinary talent.